Parlor Reports

The Parlor Reports page summarizes and compares parlor performance data, such as total milk produced, average milk per hour, average cows milked per hour, details by pen, and details by washup phase. By displaying this data on one easy-to-read page, the Parlor Report allows you to determine whether your dairy's milking performance is meeting expectations or if it may need adjustments.

To view this page, select ParlorComp > Parlor Reports from the Feature Navigation Bar. You can then view the information that is illustrated in the example below:


Parlor Buttons: The buttons at the top of the page allow you to switch between the different parlors on your dairy.


Parlor Details and Status: The top portion of the page identifies parlor details and summarizes current parlor status:

  • Type of Parlor: The parlor type (parallel, herringbone, rotary) is displayed here, along with an image that quickly identifies the parlor type at a glance:

  • Manufacturer: The parlor manufacturer.
  • Stalls: The number of milking stalls that are in the parlor.
  • Current Shift: The current milking shift. 1 is the first shift, 2 is the second shift, 3 is the third, etc. You can view milking details for each shift in the Last Milking Reports section at the bottom of the page.
  • Current Pen: The pen number that is currently being milked in the parlor.

Last Milking Stats: This section allows you to compare the performance between each of the last milking shifts, as well as the average performance across all shifts. As illustrated in the examples below, you can switch between Bar Graph View or Table View to see the following details:

  • Total Milk: The total quantity of milk produced during the shift.
  • Milk/HR: The average amount of milk produced per hour.
  • Duration: Amount of time from the beginning to the end of the milking shift.
  • Cows/HR: How many cows were milked per hour.


Last Milking Reports: This section allows you to view detailed information about each milking shift by Pen number and Washup Phase: