Worklist Permissions

The Herd Read and Herd Write permissions both affect user access to Platform Worklists. If a user is not able to access a worklist feature, be sure to check the permissions below:

  • Users with Herd Read permissions can perform the following actions:
    • Open the mobile app Lists feature and view all worklists.
    • Refresh lists.
    • Open a worklist and view its details, including list name, description, date, pens, and progress.
    • Tap a pen number and view all animals on the list within that pen.
    • Switch between the TODO tab and DONE tab to view animals that still need to be processed vs animals that are done.
    • Tap an animal to view its details at the bottom of the screen.
  • Users with Herd Write permissions can perform all of the same actions as Herd Read users, as well as the following additional actions:

    • Tap or scan an animal to mark it as DONE. The Mark Done option is not visible for users without Herd Write permissions.
    • Process changes and send list updates back to DairyComp 305 or our integrated Platform partner products. The Process Changes button is not visible for users without Herd Write permissions.
    • Undo an animal on the DONE list.

See Edit User Permissions if you need help updating user permissions.