EC 18 - XID (Change ID) Event

The XIDXID is short for "Change ID", as in changing an animal's ID number. event (ECEvent code 18) allows you to change an animal's IDAnimal identifier number. See the topics below for help with this event:

Define Details for this Event

The details that are available for an XID event are described below. Before you can process an animal in this event, you must complete all Required details:

What Happens When I Process Changes for this Event?

When you tap the Process My Changes button in the mobile app, it sends your updates forward to DairyComp (WiFi or data connection required).

When DairyComp receives the updates, it records an XID event for each completed animal and updates each animal to its new ID number. It records the EDAYEvent day as the date the event was completed in the mobile app.

See Processing Your Changes for more information on how the mobile app, the Platform, and DairyComp work together to process your changes.


  • If you have not entered the new ID for an animal in this event, the app will not include that animal when it sends the batch XID event updates back to DairyComp.
  • Any incomplete animals will remain visible in the mobile app XID event until you either remove them from the list or finish defining their details and process the changes again.

See also Details Required to Process Animals in an Event for examples of how the mobile app displays complete vs incomplete animals.

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Need help adding animals to this event?

See the following topics:

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