Event Entry

The VAS Platform allows you to create events, add animals to them, and process your changes—all from the mobile app while you are out on the dairy.

The mobile app makes it easy to add animals individually or in bulk, either by searching for them manually or using a scanner. When you finish adding animals to an event, simply tap the Process My Changes button to send your updates back to DC305ClosedDairyComp305 - VAS Dairy Management Software (WiFi or data connection required).

Before working with Platform Events, review Tips for Entering Events. This topic explains how to create and work with events, add animals to them, and process your changes. It also provides helpful hints for working with events.

The current Platform release supports the events that are listed in the following topic: Events Currently Supported by the Platform. For a description of each supported event, including adding details and what happens when you process your changes, see the event topics listed below: