EC 1 - FRESH Event

The FRESH event (ECClosedEvent code 1) declares that an animal has given birth to one or more calves and has started lactating with fresh milk. The information that is required for a Fresh event (dam's pen number, calf details, ease of birth, etc.) depends on the requirements in the DairyComp 305 command used to generate the event.

See the topics below for help with this event:

Cautions when Adding Animals to this Event

When you add an animal to this event, the app is designed specifically to add females that are pregnant. It will not allow you to add the following types of animals:

Likewise, the app will display a warning before allowing you to add an animal that meets any of the other conditions listed below. The app will not restrict you from adding these animals; it simply warns you of their status so that you can determine whether to continue:

  • The animal has a DIMClosedDays in milk value between 1 and the configured maximum DIM limit in DC305 for a Fresh event.
  • The animal has been dry for less than the configured minimum number of days in DC305 for a Fresh event (important for drug warnings).
  • The animal is less than the configured minimum age in DC305 for a Fresh event.

Defining Calf Details

You can define details for up to 3 calves that were born during this Fresh event and, if necessary, enter additional details for each new calf, such as calf IDClosedIdentifier, barn number, vaccination date, and any other information required in the event command.

Review the topics below for help defining calf details:

What Happens When I Process Changes for this Event?

When you tap the Process My Changes button in the mobile app, it sends your updates forward to DairyComp 305 (WiFi or data connection required).

DC305 then processes the following changes for each animal (dam) in the event:

  • Archives the dam's current lactation record.
  • Begins a new lactation cycle for the dam and creates a new lactation record for her (LACTClosedLactation number+1).
  • Records the Fresh event on the dam's new lactation record, with the EDAYClosedEvent day as the date the event was completed in the mobile app.
  • Completes automatic item updates on the dam's new lactation record, based on the information in DC305's AlterClosedCommand entered to "alter" content or settings in DairyComp. Example: ALTER\7 > FRESH table.
  • Creates 0, 1, 2, or 3 calf records, depending on the details provided for each calf. DC305 does not create a new calf record for calves that are dead or sold.
  • Copies the dam's stored items to each calf, based on the FRESH table.
  • Completes automatic item updates on each calf record, based on the FRESH table.

You will be able to view the new calves' CowCards in the mobile app after DC305 syncs these updates to the Platform and the Platform then sends a new care package to the mobile app.

See Processing Your Changes for more information on how the mobile app, the Platform, and DairyComp 305 work together to process your changes.

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Need Help Adding Animals to this Event?

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