Events with Protocols

Some events allow you to select a treatment protocol, such as drugs to be administered or treatments that should be applied to the animal's hooves or udder. The Platform works together with DairyComp 305 and CowCare to include all of your dairy's configured protocols when entering these events in the mobile app.

Follow these guidelines when entering events with protocols:

  1. If you are entering an event that includes protocols, you will see the Protocol field as an option for each animal in the event:

  2. Tap the Protocol field to view the available protocols.

    Note that the mobile app filters the list of protocols based on the event you are entering, as well as the type of animal you selected (heifer or adult). Some protocols are available only for heifers, some for adults, and some are available for both.

    For each protocol, the app displays the corresponding Milk and Meat withholdings. It also displays the remark that will be auto-filled for this animal when you choose this protocol, as well as the pen to which animals on this protocol should be moved:

  3. If you select a protocol that requires you to choose which hoof or quarter of the udder is affected, the app opens a page where you can choose the quarter(s).

    See the example below and complete the following steps to select the quarter(s):


    Select which quarter(s) the protocol affects. Note that the options you see on this page may vary based on DairyComp 305's configured character limit for the Remark field. The labels you see here may also be different from those listed below, but the typical ones are:

    • ALL - Selects all quarters
    • LF - Left Front hoof or teat
    • RF - Right Front hoof or teat
    • LH - Left Hind hoof or teat
    • RH - Right Hind hoof or teat



    After you select the quarter(s), tap the Continue button at the bottom of the page.

After you tap Continue, the app returns you to the event page, where you will see the following updates:

  • The event Protocol field displays your chosen protocol.
  • The Remark field is auto-populated based on the protocol you selected. You can edit the remark further after the app inserts it.
  • If the protocol you selected defined a Go To Pen number, the app automatically inserts that pen number in the event's Pen field. In this case, you cannot edit the new pen assignment for this animal because the protocol defines the required pen.

IMPORTANT: When you are adding animals in bulk to an event that allows protocols, the information in the Protocol and Remark fields will not carry forward to other animals as you add them. Because protocol treatments are specific to each animal, the app requires you to define them individually for each animal you add to the event. See Save Time when Adding Animals in Bulk for more information.

To learn more about a specific protocol, you can log into the web version of the Platform and view the Treatment Protocols list.