EC 13 - Do Not Breed (DNB) Event

The DNBClosedDo Not Breed event declares an animal as "Do Not Breed." It sets the animal up to be sold, and in some cases sends a DNB status to DHIAClosedThe Dairy Herd Improvement Association (DHIA) is a national association that helps dairy producers create and manage records and data about their cows for use in making management decisions. See for more information., removing this animal from some reproductive statistics. If the animal is later declared to be bred, pregnant, or dried, this information will also be sent to DHIA and she will lose the DNB status.

See the topics below for help with this event:

Define Details for this Event

The details listed below are typical for a DNB event; however, be aware that the details you see in the mobile app may vary based on the DC305ClosedDairyComp305 - VAS Dairy Management Software command that created the event. If any fields other than the animal IDClosedIdentifier are required to process an animal, they are marked with an * (asterisk) symbol in the app.

The app will not allow you to add pregnant animals to this event, and it will warn you before allowing you to add animals that are in BRED status or are already in DNB status.

What Happens When I Process Changes for this Event?

When you tap the Process My Changes button in the mobile app, it sends your updates forward to DairyComp 305 (WiFi or data connection required).

When DairyComp 305 receives the updates, it completes the following actions for each animal in the event:

  • Updates the animal's record with a DNB event.
  • Records the EDAYClosedEvent day as the date the DNB event was completed in the mobile app.

See Processing Your Changes for more information on how the mobile app, the Platform, and DairyComp 305 work together to process your changes.

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Need Help Adding Animals to this Event?

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