Custom Events

If your dairy has configured custom events in DC305ClosedDairyComp305 - VAS Dairy Management Software, the Platform includes them as available events in the mobile app.

Custom events have an event code (ECClosedEvent code) number of 19 or higher. The custom event numbers and names are defined within DC305, and the Platform mobile app lists them in numerical order on the Events page.

The Platform supports custom events both with and without protocols. See Events with Protocols to learn more about defining protocol information when entering an event.

As shown in the example above, all available events are listed in order by their Event Code (EC) on the Events page in the mobile app. The options for each event, as well as fields that are required and marked with an * (asterisk) symbol, are determined by the DairyComp 305 command used to create the event:

Be sure to scroll down in this page to locate your custom events. If you expect to see a custom event in the mobile app and are not able to locate it, then either DairyComp 305 is not programmed to send it or it’s a custom event with protocols, which is not yet supported. For help locating events, see The mobile app does not have the event I need. How do I find it?