Platform Command Line

The Platform Command Line feature brings the power of DairyComp into the Platform, allowing you to generate many of the same reports you're able to view in DairyComp. The Platform Command Line currently supports the LIST command, and additional commands will be available in upcoming releases.

To access the Command Line, select F9 from the keyboard, or select  >_ from the Feature Navigation Bar.

Command History

Your recent commands display below the command line and are available for reuse:

Command Results Page

The Command Results page displays the results of your executed command. It includes the command and the date and time it was executed: 

You can choose to Print or Export your results. See Command Results Page for more information.


If you enter an incorrect command, or one that doesn't follow the expected syntax, the Platform provides a descriptive error message and highlights the area of the command that is in error: 

More Information

Continue to Command Syntax Guidelines to learn more about creating commands, or to the topic associated with a specific command:

  • COUNT - Calculates the total number of animals that match your command condition(s).
  • LIST (SHOW) - Generates a DairyComp report that matches your command conditions. In Platform Command Line, LIST and SHOW are interchangeable commands. In DairyComp, the LIST command may be used to print the report, while SHOW displays the report on the screen.
  • SUM - Generates summary statistical animal data matching your command conditions, and presents the data in a table or graph format. The graph view is flexible and may be adjusted on the fly.

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