Pens List

Click the Pens button in the Feature Navigation Bar to view a list of pens for DairyComp 305 and FeedComp. The Pens page displays all pens across all of your dairy zones and provides multiple views and filtering options to help you see only the pen information you need at the moment:

See the examples and explanations below for more information on Pens in both Table and Cards views:


View: Choose to view pen information in a Table or as Cards.


The top right of the Pens page allows you control the number of Pens to display on each page or to easily jump forward or back to other pages in the list.


Pen Types: Use this filter to display only certain types of pens (milking, dry, calf, artificial insemination (AI), etc.). You can select multiple pen types from the list.


PENClosedPen number: Pen number.


LABEL: The pen label set by your dairy.


TYPE: Pen type. Pen types are color coded for quick identification. The default colors for pen types are:


ANIMAL COUNT/CAPACITY: The current number of animals/pen capacity, as well as a colored bar to show the status of the pen: 

: 0-75% full

: 76-90% full

: 91-100% full

: Exceeds capacity

Hovering over the status bar displays the animals/pen capacity value as a percentage:


FEEDING COUNT: The number of animals being fed in the pen.


TARGET DM/HDClosedDry Matter per Head: The amount of dry matter (in weight) each animal should receive per day.


COST/HD: The cost of feeding each animal per day.


Click on a pen number to view its Pen Details and Animal List. Use the breadcrumbs link at the top left of the page to easily return to the Pens list.


When a pen includes more than 2 types, a number displays beside it in the TYPE column in Table view. This number indicates how many additional pen types are encountered for that pen. If you hover on the number bubble, you can see any additional pen types. As shown in the example below, the number bubble shows a +1 for Pen 6. When you hover over the bubble, you can see that Pen 6 is a User-defined pen, as well as Dry and AI: