Pen Details and Animal List

The Platform Pens list allows you to view each pen's details and a list of animals in that pen. If you're using the Pens table view, click the pen number to view its details. If you're using the Pens card view, click the Details link at the top right of the pen's card to view its details:

As shown in the example below, the top of the page summarizes the pen Type, Animal Count/Capacity, Feeding Count, Target DM/HDClosedDry Matter per Head, and the Cost/HD (all of which are defined in the Pens List topic). It also defines which Recipe feeds this pen, and lets you view its details by clicking on the link. The ZoneClosedThe term "Zone" represents different dairy locations. Platform Zones may be different physical dairy locations (for example, multiple locations across the state or country) or different user-defined locations within a single dairy site (for example, Pens 1-100 are Zone 1, Pens 101-200 are Zone 2, etc.). and Premise IDClosedIdentifier where the pen is located are also displayed:

The rest of the page displays a list of all animals that are currently in this pen:

  • You can click the column titles to sort the list by Animal ID, Lactation (LACTClosedLactation number), or Reproductive Code (RPROClosedReproductive code).
  • The top of the list begins in the first table and continues left to right across the other tables on the page.
  • Use the View option at the bottom right of the page to display more or fewer animals per table, and use the navigation options to view other pages in the list.
  • Click on any animal ID to view its details in a side panel.
  • Use the breadcrumbs link at the top left of the page to easily return to the Pens list.