Integration Status

The Platform navigation bar includes an Integration Status icon to quickly communicate the connection status with on‑premise applications DairyComp 305, FeedComp, and ParlorComp:

If the status icon is green, it indicates that data is currently synchronized for the default platform zone. Click the Integration Status icon to view the date and time that data was last synchronized between the VAS Platform and DairyComp 305, FeedComp, and ParlorComp. Click the small gray arrow buttons to view sync status for other zones.

If the status icon is blinking red, it indicates that a synchronization error has occurred. Click the Integration Status icon to view the sync error date, time, and location. When the error has been corrected, the system displays the date and time that synchronization was restored.

If your data fails to sync within 24 hours, the Platform displays an Integration Status Alert each time you access the dairy. This is a critical error that requires immediate attention to ensure that all animal information, worklist details, and event data continue to sync correctly with the Platform and mobile app. Proceed to Troubleshooting to address any errors.

Synchronization errors are defined as either Communication Status Errors or Last Data Sync Errors . See below for more information.

Communication Status Errors

A sync error in Communication Status means that the connection (or "heartbeat") between DC305ClosedDairyComp305 - VAS Dairy Management Software (or FeedComp/ParlorComp respectively) has broken down.

The heartbeat essentially checks the pulse of the communication channel between the Platform and DC305, FeedComp, and ParlorComp. If there is a disconnect along that communication channel, the Platform is not able to receive data from the respective product.

A green Communication Status indicates that the connection is healthy. In this case, the date/time of the last successful communication check (or check on the pulse "beat") between the Platform and the products. The Platform is scheduled to check this communication pulse every 10 minutes.

Last Data Sync Errors

A Last Data Sync error means that despite a healthy heartbeat between the Platform and DC305, FeedComp, and/or ParlorComp, the Platform is unable to import or process the data. The error message displays the date/time when data was last synchronized successfully, along with icons that indicate whether the data sync is healthy or has encountered errors .

Troubleshooting Communication and Data Sync Errors

Complete the following steps to troubleshoot integration errors: 

  1. Contact your manager or office staff to verify that the on-premise application is running normally. If necessary, restart DC305, FeedComp, and/or ParlorComp.

  2. Check the Integration Status again to see if the issue was resolved.

    • If the Communication Status continues to display as , verify that the on-premise computer has an active internet connection. If necessary, restart your modem, router, or other equipment, and ensure your internet provider is not experiencing an outage. The Communication Status may take up to 10 minutes to change to .

    • If the Communication Status resolves, it may take up to an hour for the data to synchronize and for the Last Data Sync to change to .

If the errors continue, contact VAS Platform Support.