Platform dashboards provide a central location to access data-driven visuals, such as graphs and charts, that allow you to monitor and analyze various details on your animals and the status of your dairy. There are three types of dashboards available: Dairy Dashboards, Company Dashboards, and Overview pages.

The data sections in a dashboard are called "widgets," each of which is built from a third-party application or common DairyComp 305, FeedWatch, and ParlorWatch/ParlorComp reports. To view the VAS-specific reports that provide data for a dashboard, the report names are displayed at the bottom of the widget: 

Be sure to scroll down on the dashboard to see all widgets, and click the available links to view more data for each of the graphs.

Dashboards and Overview pages are fully customizable. Select and Customize Current Dashboard option at the top right of the Dairy or Company Dashboard or the Customize option on Overview pages to choose which widgets display or to rearrange them. See Manage Multiple Dashboards for more information on creating, modifying, and deleting multiple Dairy and Company dashboards.

Dairy Dashboards

Dairy Dashboards provide easy‑to‑read graphs and illustrations of essential dairy information. The point‑in‑time, heads-up display helps you see where your dairy stands today, what has happened in the recent past, and where it might be in the next few months. These dashboards are only available when you are viewing a dairy in the Platform; for information on company-level dashboards, see Company Dashboards.

Continue to the Widget Descriptions for more information on available widgets.

Company Dashboards

Company Dashboards provide a snapshot view of essential information for all dairies within your company. Key animal data, such as Cow Stats, are available for all company dairies, or can be viewed in a graphical format by individual dairy. This dashboard is only available when viewing a company in the Platform, not when viewing a dairy; for information on the dairy‑level dashboard, see Dairy Dashboards. To access a company dashboard, the current Platform release requires that a member of the company send you an invitation to connect with the company. See Invite a User to your Company for more information. To request company Owner access, please contact VAS Platform Support.

The company-level Cow Stats widgets provide a snapshot view of the herds by current animal status: milking, fresh, dry, or hospital, as well as close-up pen information for cows and heifers. The Projected Calves by Sire & Semen Type widget provides important details regarding calf parentage and the expected number of heifer calves to be added to the herd. Note that these widgets are only available on Company Dashboards; they cannot be added to Dairy Dashboards. See the topics below to learn more about using these widgets:

Cow Stats for All Dairies

Cow Stats by Dairy

Projected Calves by Sire & Semen Type for All Dairies

You can still add dairy-level widgets to your Company Dashboards. Dairy‑level widgets are collapsed below their respective dairy on the Page Customization screen to help you choose widgets for the correct dairy: 

Overview Pages

The Overview pages for DairyComp, FeedComp, and ParlorComp provide an easily-accessibly location to view key data from that specific on-premise application:

See the topics below for more information: 

DairyComp Overview Page

FeedComp Overview Page

ParlorComp Overview Page