Projected Calves by Sire & Semen Type

The Projected Calves by Sire & Semen Type dairy widget identifies the expected number of calves to be born in upcoming months, including data for 7 to 8 months. This information helps to plan for Replacement Heifers that will be added to your herd by month. It also allows you to analyze parentage information for your calves.

Reference the following to understand the data in this widget:

Semen Type: Identifies the type of semen used to conceive the calf. Available types are: 

  • Sexed (S): Semen that has been analyzed and sorted based on the X/Y chromosome in the individual sperm cells. For dairy cows, this type of semen has mostly X-chromosome sperm cells to increase the likelihood of producing heifer calves.
  • Unsexed (U): Semen that has not been sorted based on the X/Y chromosome in the sperm cells.
  • Unknown (?): Semen for which the bull NAABClosedNational Association of Animal Breeders. code was not specified.
  • Beef (B): Semen produced by a beef bull. Beef semen is a lower-cost option and may provide additional advantages, including improved conception rates and lower calf birth weight for calving ease. Heifer and bull calves with a beef sire are designated for beef production.