Customize Dashboards

Use the and Customize Current Dashboard option at the top right of the Dairy or Company Dashboard or the Customize option on Overview pages to add, remove, resize, or rearrange widgets.

NOTE: If you do not see the button or Customize option, check your roles and permissions. This button is only visible for users who are assigned to a Role with Dashboard Management permissions. See Edit User Permissions for more information.

After you select Customize, the system displays your Page Customization options:

Follow these steps to customize the page:

  1. Use the checkboxes on the left to choose which widgets to display on the Dashboard or Overview page. When choosing widgets, note that:
    • The widgets are categorized under the following tabs: General, Herd, Feed, and Parlor. Click each tab to view the widgets that are available in these categories. See Widget Descriptions for more information.

    • For the Company Dashboard, dairy-level widgets are presented by dairy name.

    • The small number shown on the right edge of each tab indicates how many widgets are currently selected for that category.

    • Use the Widget Gallery button at the top right of the page to find other available widgets.
  2. Use the right side of the page to arrange how the widgets are displayed on the Dashboard or Overview page:
    • To rearrange widgets, simply drag and drop them to where you want them located. As illustrated to the right, once you begin dragging an item, the page will display dotted boxes to indicate where you are able to drop them.
    • To remove all widgets from the Dashboard or Overview page, click the Clear All button at the top right.
    • Click the X at the top right of any widget to remove it from the Dashboard or Overview page. This also unchecks it from the list to the left.
    • Click the icon at the bottom right of any widget to reduce it down to half the page width, or likewise click  to expand it to the full page width. The following example shows how widgets look both as half‑page and full‑page:

NOTE: Some widgets require setup and activation in your dairy or company Platform account before they will begin displaying data on your Dashboard and Overview Pages. If you have added a widget and it is not displaying any data, please contact VAS Support for help.