View Transferred Embryos

The Transferred Embryos tab provides reference information for embryos that were transferred into recipient animals. This data is updated after embryos from inventory are used for Embryo Transfer events in the mobile app and the events have been processed.

To view the Transferred Embryos tab, log in to the web version of the Platform and select DairyComp > Embryo Inventory > Transferred

As shown in the example above, you can filter the list with the options at the top of the page and view the following details for all completed embryo transfers:


Use the drop‑down options at the top of the page to filter the list of Transferred Embryos:


Use the Clear Filters option to the right of the filter fields to clear any selected filters and view the full list of Transferred Embryos.


Recipient: This column lists the IDClosedIdentifier number of the recipient female that received the embryo transfer. Click the ID number to view her CowCard.


Date: The date that the embryo was transferred into the recipient female, which is the date that the Embryo Transfer event for the recipient female was created.


Sire: Indicates which bull’s semen was used to fertilize the donor's egg to produce the embryo. If this column shows Pool, it means that an oocyteClosedAn unfertilized egg. was fertilized by IVF from a pool containing the semen of multiple sires.


Donor: The donor female who provided the embryo or oocyte (sometimes referred to as the donor dam).

If this animal is part of your herd, the system displays her ID number as a link that you can click to view her CowCard.


Tech: The technician who transferred the embryo into the recipient female.


BRCOD: The breeding code for the recipient female.


Stage: The stage at which the embryo was harvested:

  • 1 = Unfertilized
  • 2 = Simple Celled
  • 3 = Early Morula
  • 4 = Morula
  • 5 = Early Blastocyst
  • 6 = Blastocyst
  • 7 = Expanded Blastocyst
  • 8 = Hatched Blastocyst
  • 9 = Expanded and Hatched Blastocyst

Grade: The quality of the embryo:

  • 1 = Good
  • 2 = Fair
  • 3 = Poor
  • 4 = Dead (or Degenerating)

Storage: The embryo storage method. This indicates whether it was stored as a Frozen or Fresh embryo prior to being transferred into the recipient female.


Type: The harvest method used:

  • Flush (for embryos)
  • IVF (In Vitro Fertilization - for oocytesClosedUnfertilized eggs.)
  • Other (for when the harvest method was neither of the above)

EBRDClosedEmbryo Breed: The embryo breed. The codes shown here are from the standard list of NAABClosedNational Association of Animal Breeders. breeds.


EAGEClosedEmbryo Age: The age of the embryo from fertilization to the date it was frozen or transferred into a recipient female, whichever came first.


Click the edit icon edit iconto edit your embryo details. See Manage Embryos for more information on modifying embryos.


Click the delete icon edit icon to delete an embryo. See Manage Embryos for more information on modifying embryos.


Click the ... button for the options to Add an Embryo.