Item Definitions Page

The DairyComp Item Definitions page displays detailed information on all items configured in DC305ClosedDairyComp305 - VAS Dairy Management Software, including any custom or dairy-specific items. DairyComp items capture specific animal data points, including numbers, dates, animal status, and milk production details that are critical to managing your herd. These data points are the foundational components of VAS data analysis and daily management tools, including reports, worklists, and Platform widgets.

To view this page, select DairyComp > Item Definitions from the Feature Navigation Bar. Use the Filter By option to quickly find items matching your criteria, or use the sortable columns to reorder the items listing:


Name: DairyComp item name.


#: DairyComp item number.


Standard #: If standard, the number for the item. The Platform uses existing DairyComp standard item numbers, as well as an expanded set of pre-defined standard items (2000+). See DairyComp Standard Items for more information.


OP1/OP2: DairyComp item type configuration values. The OP1 and OP2 control the data points provided for the item.


Type: Item type. Common types include stored items (dates, numbers, strings) and calculated items (ages, due dates, expected or estimated values).


Description:  DairyComp item description.

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