Event Definitions Page

The DairyComp Event Definitions page displays detailed information on all events configured in DC305ClosedDairyComp305 - VAS Dairy Management Software, including any custom or dairy-specific events. DairyComp events capture key animal activities, including reproduction-related items (freshening, pregnancy, breeding), location information (movement between pens), and illness details (diagnoses, treatment) that are vital to managing your herd. Events are critical in supporting VAS data analysis and daily management tools, including reports, worklists, and Platform widgets.

To view this page, select DairyComp > Event Definitions from the Feature Navigation Bar.


Event Name: DairyComp event name.


#: DairyComp event number.


Standard #: If standard, the number for the event. The Platform uses existing DairyComp standard event numbers, as well as an expanded set of pre-defined standard events (2000+).


Team: If applicable, the dairy team responsible for the event entry and management.


Gap: The number of days for which to translate multiple occurrences of the same event into a single event. For instance, if the Gap for MAST is set to 28, then all MAST events for a 28-day period are considered a single mastitis diagnosis.


Command:  DairyComp command that generates the event.